A Trip To Utah Yamas Controls

In Commercial, Photography by Paul Cushing

I work for a company in Boise called Idaho Yamas Controls. They’re owned by Utah Yamas Controls whose corporate offices are in Salt Lake City, Utah. A few weeks back, I shared some of my photos of parts and places on the job with the president of the company, and he really liked them. He liked them enough that he had some of them printed on canvas for the office in Utah and then asked me to drive down for 2 days to take more pictures of the buildings we’ve been working on, the employees of the company, and anything else that might be useful for marketing or prints. Of course I jumped at the opportunity, and I’m glad I did. I took a huge bunch of photos and came out with some really good stuff. My favorites were these though. On Monday night, I went downtown in Salt Lake and walked around as the sun was beginning to set. Some of them turned out better than others, but the whole trip was a great experience, and I look forward to more in the future. đŸ™‚