Audio Adrenaline At CreationFest Northwest

In Commercial, Events, Music, People, Photography by Paul Cushing

It’s just fun. The music of Audio Adrenaline is the music of my youth, and it’s just fun. It doesn’t bother me at all to see Kevin Max at the helm, in fact, I kinda like it. I ran into him during lunch, and he turns out to be a really nice guy. I don’t know how it worked out, but everyone that has been involved with DC Talk is awesome. I asked him how he kept such an intense touring schedule and he told me it energized him. He seemed to love meeting new people and spreading Jesus around through music.

The show was great and Kevin Max sounded terrific. I did have a rough time initially getting interesting shots of Kevin Max at first, since he looked a little stiff in that nice suit jacket. As things warmed up though, they were really rockin’ the place.