David Crowder and Hank

Epic Beards of Creation Festival

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There are just some things that a man is particularly well suited for. In my opinion, growing a beard is one of them. It takes a certain level of patience and masculinity to grow a seriously epic beard. The concept seems to have been popularized by the boys from Duck Dynasty, but really, an epic beard is a timeless tradition.

At Creationfest Northwest this year, I saw some really great beards. Saturday, the last night of the festival especially. David Crowder was going to play that night, and it’s clear he hires band members for their manly ability to grow facial hair as well as their musical chops.

That last one is David Crowder and his guitar player Hank. For those of us that know and appreciate the value of a glorious beard, we can see how awesome these guys are.

For the rest of you however, I implore you to take a look beyond the beard. Every one of these men displayed hearts of passionate love for Jesus and the people around them, whether on stage or off. It was so encouraging to see someone who is as “big” as David Crowder playing frisbee with the kids and just loving the people around him.

So, next time you are buying tickets for that music festival in a few months, consider growing your beard. The “real men” rock the giant soup strainer all year long, but I’m sure you’ll still get some props for a few months of good effort. 🙂