Harlee’s Senior Photos

In Commercial, People, Photography, Portraits by Paul Cushing

I originally scheduled to meet up with Harlee late in the fall and it ended up pouring rain that day. We finally rescheduled for this last weekend. The weather was looking pretty sketchy going into the weekend, but it ended up being a beautiful day. Harlee and I both thought the Old Idaho State Penitentiary would be a great place to shoot in. I think the textures and colors make for some great backdrops. Harlee’s mother and my friend, Angie, joined us and acted as my remote flash stand, and of course a great spotter of stray hair and wardrobe problems.

I can see plenty of things I would like to have done a little different that I just didn’t have in mind while shooting. With each outing, I get a little better at remembering the small lessons from the shoots before. I also did get a few shots that I really like. The fill flash worked great on many of the shots and I will definitely continue to get better at using the flashes.

Here are a few of my favorites. Let me know what works for you, or what you think I might have missed. How’d I do?