Paul And Travis
Paul And Travis

This picture was taken by my friend Joyce Alexander

Rekt Photography is just a fancy name for me, Paul Cushing. Boise photographer, video creator, graphic designer, and passionate creative. I wouldn’t normally label myself a passionate person, but creating beautiful things really is my passion. I grew up drawing stick figures in church and have steadily added different tools to my creative palette.

While I love drawing and painting, particularly airbrush, photography is a medium that displays drama and realism that evokes amazement and emotion more than any other. I thrive on making beautiful images.

I also love community. Boise is an incredible place to live and there are innumerable things to photograph. I hope to share any insights for those new to photography and become friends with you veterans who want to share as well.

The copyright for all of these images belongs to me, but your purchase of my images entitles you to print them, or use them for personal use as you’d like. If you see something on the site that isn’t listed in the store that you’d like to have printed, drop me a note and I’d be happy to arrange it for you. Send inquiries to pcushing at

I love the opportunity to take pictures of people and events and if you do find yourself in need of a photographer in the Boise area and you like my work, reach me with the form below, at pcushing at, or ping me on Twitter or Facebook.

[su_box title=”Rekt?”]You might be wondering what “Rekt” is. Rekt is the initials of my wife and kids, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Katie, and Travis.[/su_box]